Three Brilliant Ways To Get Attention For Your Creative Business

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Do you know what magically happens when you organize something? YOU become a leader. Do you know what happens when you become a leader? You get noticed. Oh. That wasn’t so hard. Stay with me here.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  Unique Networking Events in Your Niche (A Pancake Power Breakfast!)

  A One Day Festival About Your Passion

  Workshops & Speaking Events

  Form a MeetUp Group and Start a Community

  Gather a panel of experts in your field and record a podcast series to share your knowledge


Something that entrepreneurs often don’t realize, is that having a strong social media presence makes you more attractive to the kinds of people who can get you noticed.


   Local papers and magazines


        Event organizers

       Agents and Bookers

  News Stations

A strong, active social media presence shows them the potential you have of helping them reach a larger audience when you share your podcast interview, the blog post you are quoted in, or the event where you are booked to perform on your social media channels. It also shows them that you take your business seriously, so they will naturally respect you as a creative professional. This is all good stuff.


Hang out with suits? Are you crazy? They will take one look at my pink hair, awesome tattoos and piercings and run for the crudites. Hold on there weirdo. Maybe, maybe one person will run away. F*ck them. Those that remain in the room will be fascinated by what you do because they can’t do it. They are also your potential customers, allies and mentors in the business world.

Go to and search for business networking groups in your area. Check out their Meetup pages and the kinds of events they host. Make sure they have a healthy membership and regular events–those are the groups that you will benefit from the most. Join the group and attend their next event.

Get comfortable telling people what you do. The size of your bank account does not determine what you do. If you create on a consistent basis, are dedicated to your craft and are 100% committed  to do it as your living, you have every right to say:  I am a writer. I am a collage artist. I am a burlesque performer. I am a comedian. I am a painter. I am a photographer. I am an indie crafter. I am a comedy writer.  I am a clothing designer. I am a muralist. I am a belly dancer. I am a filmmaker. I am a stylist. You get the idea.

Have a non-business card. You are creative, so the traditional business card is not for you. But, you do need something that you can give to people with your website, contact info. and social media handles,  so they can track you down after the networking event. And they will track you down. You can have stickers made for about the same price as business cards. And you know what? Everyone loves a sticker. You can also get a custom rubberstamp made and stamp your contact info on a surface of your choice.

Congratulations on being a creative entrepreneur!  The world needs your originality, talents and unique perspective. Believe in yourself as a business person as strongly as you believe in your creativity and you will be super successful (whatever that means to you.) I’d love to hear if you used any of these ideas to get the attention you deserve for your creative business.