7 Ways Authors Can Cure Social Media Writer’s Block


Writers Get Social Media Writer’s Block Too

Busy week? Out of ideas? Self -Conscious? Sometimes, it’s easier to write a book, than a social media post!  Don’t worry, you are not alone. The thing we hear most from our author clients is that they have no idea what to post on social media. If you are stuck on what to post on social media, here are some ideas to get you out of your social media writer’s block.


It’s Much Easier If You Define Your Author Brand:

Your author brand is separate and distinct from you, personally. This means you, the author, should keep your personal social media accounts separate from your branded social media profiles. Not only is this a more professional approach to your career as an author, but it gives you control over what you share, and how you communicate with your readers. What you share with your friends and family will be different than what you share with a fan that you have never met.

Consider your author persona:  You be you, but present a consistent image to your fans.  Are you playful, quirky, mysterious, flirty, morose, sensitive, compassionate, creative, snarky, sarcastic, sweet, persnickety, clever, rambunctious, hyper, stylish, uppity, frenetic, stubborn, flustered, self-deprecating, annoyed, vigilant, funny, positive, or shy? You are probably a combination of two or three. A mysterious, stubborn, sarcastic writer will be fun to follow! A clearly defined persona will make it much easier for you to write content for your current and future fans on social media, and it will make it easier for them to get to know you as a favorite author. 

Consider what your readers are into (other than your book): If you write mysteries, your fans will be into similar genres of books, movies, blogs, and television programming. I bet they love cliff hangers. How can you cater your content to feed that love? This book trailer we made for author, D.A. Spruzen, is a perfect example of creating content with the author persona in mind, and having fun with it. 

7 Social Media Content Ideas for Authors:


 Inspirational quotes paired with images (like those we made for you!) 







 Images with quotes from your 5 star reviews. 







 Pictures of books you are reading. Be creative! For example, take a photo of the book(s) with a perfect latte, or beautiful tea cup and flowers. You get the idea! People love looking at interesting and beautiful images, especially on Instagram. Did you know there is a popular instagram hashtag for #booksandtea and #booksandflowers? Follow the hashtags for inspiration! 


 A 2 minute Facebook Live video from your author page of you reading from your novel each week on a consistent day and time.


 A link to a blog post or article that you think your fans will enjoy.


 A candid photo of your writing space to give readers a peak behind the scenes of your life as a writer. 


 A funny GIF to describe your mood, or express a current thought.



If you need a jumpstart, we’ve created images that are proven to perform well on social media, and were created with writers, like you, in mind. Feel free to grab our 10 free social media images for authors to give you some social media relief. 🙂

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