Social Media Health Management

Social Booster Shot:

A 4 Week Social Media Intensive That Is The Perfect Prescription For: 

Business owners who need help getting their social media strategy healthy and robust

Business/Blog/Book launches

Special Event Promotion


Booster Shot Includes:

60 Minute In-Person or Skype Consultation to get to know you, your business and its marketing goals in order to develop a smart strategy.

Set up or audit of two Social Media platforms. Choose from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp, Google+, Pinterest or Instagram

Curate/Create appropriate content for these two social media platforms

Content Creation Coaching. We will guide you on a plan to create your own, business-attracting content such as blog posts, images, graphics, and videos.

Familiarize ourselves with your industry on each social media platform–research relevant groups, hashtags and industry leaders.

Our weekly Client News Catcher

Post 2-6 times daily (M-F) to these accounts using your “business voice”.

Monitor & Respond to engagement as it happens.

Actively seek relevant  Followers/Likes through smart, positive social media engagement & strategy

Weekly check-in to keep up to date on the news, activities and promotions of your business


Social Media Life Plan:

We take care of your daily social media needs, so you can concentrate on running your business. Perfect Prescription for: 

  Busy Business owners who are struggling with a consistent social media presence.

Business owners who have no interest in social media marketing, but know they need it.

Business owners who need some help during travel periods and busy seasons.

Social Life Plan Includes:

60  Minute Consultation

We will clearly define your social media strategy and goals

Curate relevant content for your business and social media platform(s)

Develop your business personality and voice

Post M-F on assigned platforms

Monitor engagement and respond in real time

Actively seek new Followers/Likes and interactions through smart, social media engagement and strategy including ad campaigns and contests

Seek relevant business relationships and opportunities through social media interactions, targeted searches and list building

Weekly check-ins to collect the latest news, blog posts, specials, pictures, videos and activities for your business.


Social Media Account Set Up:

Are you frustrated having to learn how to set up your social media accounts?  Afraid of making a mistake so you keep putting it off?  We will do it for you!

  • Will set up social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook Business Page, Google+, Google + Business page, Google+ Community, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn.

  • Includes 30 minute online or in-person consultation meeting to craft an acceptable user name and charismatic profile description.

  • Optimizing every aspect of your profile page with appropriate links, contact info, summary and images.
  • Set Up Includes Basic Header Image if One Is Not Provided

Cost: $125 per account (artwork provided by client) 



Consulting and Training:

  • Social Media Group Training.  $150/hour  Your group/staff can be a very powerful social media force if they know what they are doing! If not, they can cause a social media disaster and misrepresent your company and brand. Get them trained and working smartly on your online & offline success.

  • One on One Social Media Coaching $100/Hour We come to you and I help you with all your social media questions and help with a strategy that will work for your success!
  • Personalized Editorial Calendar $200  This calendar will be your guide to an ongoing successful social media strategy. You will be given posting schedules, suggested posts, an outline of posting formats, daily, weekly & monthly check lists, industry specific blogs, hashtags, groups and industry leaders and our tips and tricks for each of your social media platforms. Delivered in a downloadable, working document via Google Docs.