Events & PR


Being Successful Is So Much Work! 

This is why Social Media Rescue exists. We love every second of making businesses more successful. Not only do we love what we do, but our success is dependent on yours, and we never forget that! 

Online marketing is effective and necessary, but to reach its full potential, online marketing needs to be paired with offline marketing efforts. This is where our Event & PR services come into the picture. Any of these services can be worked into a marketing plan catered specifically for your business. We are here to rescue you from marketing malaise! 


Strategic Partnerships: 

An important component of offline marketing is seeking our strategic partnerships with other businesses, entities, events, influencers, and organizations. We work with our robust business and community connections, and seek out new and exciting opportunities to form a mutually beneficial partnership that complements your business/brand. 


Podcast Interviews:

Being interviewed on a podcast is powerful PR. We will often include podcast booking as part of a robust marketing plan. Podcasts give our clients the opportunity to find the perfect audience that will want to hear what they have to say. An ideal promotional opportunity for authors, artists, and small business owners. You will benefit from the long-form, portable, on-demand, and evergreen content of podcasts. We do the footwork, you get the glory. 


Creative Happenings and Conferences:

We love helping small business clients create and promote original events attractive to the community or audience they want to build. Community building is an amazing tool to grow a loyal fan base. Bonus: You know what happens when you organize sh*t? People will start seeing you as a leader in your industry. We can do as little as brainstorm some unique ideas for you, to organizing and producing an event for you.


Conference Tabling and Representation: 

As a client, you can take advantage of our intimate knowledge of your company. We can represent any of our clients who are sponsors/vendors at industry conferences. We will enthusiastically talk about your company and professionally represent you at your vendor table.


Opportunity Booking:

We get a thrill out of finding opportunities for you to get your name, face, and talents in front of real people. Gigs include speaking opportunities, workshops, book signings, presentations, blog tours, media interviews, panels, guest blogging, and more.

Pricing: $100 flat rate per non-paying Booked Gig and 20% or $100 (whichever is more) Per Paying Gig



Press Releases:

The modern press release is a powerful public relations and marketing tool and a means to get your latest news and events distributed to traditional and online media. Including visuals, posting it on your website/blog and distributing it on social media, as well as targeted print and online media allows you to communicate information to a mass audience. We recommend having a press release written when we start working together.

Pricing: $150 (undistributed)