Online Customer Service Triage

The New Customer Service Is Very Public

Is Your Online Reputation Hurting Your Off-line Reputation?

And damaging the health of your business? 



 Customer service has changed. It is no longer a private, one-on-one scenario. Rather than pick up the phone, customers are broadcasting to their social media audiences, and online review sites to share their experience with your company. Why? Because if they can’t get your company’s attention, they will get great satisfaction by telling all their online friends about how your company made, or ruined their day. If you aren’t there monitoring and responding to complements and complaints, you are missing out on a tremendous opportunity to excel over your competitors with stellar customer service. Your absence online can tarnish your business’ reputation. You are also missing out on priceless business intel. 


You Need Customer Service Triage if you are… 

  • An online global businesses with customers in U.S. time zones
  • A global company with US customers that will benefit from native English speakers responding to online communications.
  • A restaurant owner or group that doesn’t monitor and professionally respond to online reviews and social media mentions. 
  • A business that does not provide phone support, and needs a friendly, professional response so that online complaints can be directed properly, and complements can be rewarded with a friendly response. 



Benefits of SMR’s Customer Service Triage:

  • SMR will be there to monitor your company mentions on social media and popular online review sites, and will have a plan in place to react quickly and appropriately to positive and negative chatter. We always work behind the scenes, representing your company in a professional way, and treating your customers with great care. 
  • Your customers and social media “witnesses” will see that your company cares about its customers. 
  • All SMR Triage Agents are located in the U.S., are native English speakers, and are screened for above-average writing skills, and business acumen. 
  • As Triage Agents, we are there to respond with care, and direct complex issues to the right resource. Simple responses can be handled in place. 
  • Flexibility: Our Customer Service Triage services can be customized to fit your needs. Whether that is monitoring of a single platform, to multi-platforms and social messaging (DMs). 
  • Stellar customers service improves your customer retention rates while simultaneously attracting new customers 


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